Wednesday, February 25, 2009

appearance in two days...

i had to get up early these two days after flying back frm malaysia coz there are whole lots of stuffs that were waiting for me to settle, like uni fees, bank stuffs and unpacking luggages =,= ... but at the same time i was trying to have fun when settling them, by doin them in style!! so below were what i wore in these two days :P (make sure u click on the pics for bigger version)

blue cardigan frm topman, t-shirt frm penguin, skinny jeans frm jay jays, socks frm american apparel

grey cardigan frm seed, polo frm cape cod, straight jeans frm jay jays, bag frm banana republic

P/S: lately ive been influenced by the new kinda technique (just the use of red-eye flash, simple white background n some photoshop technique) used in photography, its more towards simplicity and a lil japanese-clean-cutting-edgy feel


  1. Aaaah, the Banana Republic bag, give it to me!

    Haha, love the pink socks. I have a knee high pair, so cute.

  2. haha!! nooo waaayyy! yea the socks are great pairing with leather shoes :)