Thursday, January 1, 2009

1st post in 2009

first of all... happy 2009!!! boom!! tho the economy is predicted to have further meltdown this year but the is always hope and dream for the best :D....and who knows.. maybe the economy will bounce back to a better range (is that range or status or whatever...) than before!!

so i spent my new years eve rushing to redbox in penang to 'release' the voice that i 'kept' for half a year and it was so much fun since there are just the three of us (jc, ysien and me) and no ones gona 'rob' mic from one another lolx... but sadly we just sang for 4 hours (seriously that wasnt enough at all!) and then jc and me had to rushed back to hometown b4 the traffic started to jam =_=...(there were some shots that i took when i was in ferry)

guess whats next... ychow and me went to jc's place to watch stephen chow's old comedy called "食神", aka 'the god of cookery' as a way to celebrate the countdown of new year and of course we had a great laugh at his house!!! XD...

i've placed the most memorable scene of the movie below and make sure u check it out!!

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