Sunday, December 28, 2008

'the spirit' review...

yes..i went to local cinema to watch another movie (the spirit) again coz the cost to watch a movie is just less than half the price to watch a movie in aussie... the reasons that made me watch this movie is coz it was directed by my favourite director, frank miller!! and one of my favourite actress is in the movie.....taadah!!...scarlett johansson

so i give this movie a B+ coz of its quirkiness, great graphic and some dark jokes in the movie... worth watching despite some random weird jokes that were featured here and there in the movie.... since it was based on graphic novel so i judged the movie based on the comic point of view and it was well done in the comic way (which i personally love coz of the bravely use of color contradiction (darker tone with extremely bright colors) to form a totally different sort of atmosphere...anyhow i like the show and belows the trailer...


  1. I have to wait till late January for that film, so excited! Loved Sin City, this one better be just as good.

  2. i like it alot but sin city is better in terms of storyline and plot...and with more celebrities in it lolx