Tuesday, December 2, 2008

my 100th post

i went to melb zoo last friday and took too many pics.. so i need more time to edit and post them up...anyway just post this up coz its my 100th post (anniversary thang) as well as celebrating my great great result for this semester (coz the result was out this morning and i score 2 Higher Distictions and 1 Distinction)....and to cheer up this post of course im gonna post up a couple of laughin vids frm youtube... enjoy!...

P/S: ive decided to take off the cbox coz of some stranger fuckers spamming around in my blog as the initial intention of me writing this blog is just to share my thoughts with frens and family...so if u have any comments bout the blog just send thru the ones below each post and i'll filter before i post it up..thanx

P/S/S: just stay tune i'll post up the pics frm zoo visit pretty soon

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