Friday, December 26, 2008

another bloody xmas this year

ok im starting to wonder what was wrong with me coz last year i spent my xmas watching 'alien vs predator 2' in the theatre and this yea...tho...a lil bit better coz my fren, ychow managed to drive us (me, hwa and jc) to penang's gurney plaza to watch another horror film 'diary of the dead'... =_=

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i gave the movie a c+ coz the way it was trying to capture the 'zombie-moment' on video recording sort of way wasnt raw enough as there were two video recorders capturing the moments ... just kinda doesnt make sense...and also the raw footage of the video was overshadowed by some sound effects that the director thought was kinda cool to be able to scare the audiences off (tho it does at some part).... and the part that i hate the most is that its been edited in a way that it does not have its originality (i guess coz of the way that the shakiness of the video recorder being represented in the film...just not 'real' enough') and first-hand experience anymore when watching the so-called 'raw video footage'

and i dont really like the way that some laughing features being tried to squeezed into the film just to make it quirky or what... this is the video recording of the horror and i think it should b done in a creepy way and as scary as possible by hypnotizing or convincing the audience to believe that its true...but anyway...its still deserved to b watched if ure a real zombie fan

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