Wednesday, October 8, 2008

american apparel here i go!

haha ok i know this is silly...ive never been to chapel street till this morning which i have to attend an interview and its at one of the coffee shop called 'The Coffee Club'..that basically force me to go chapel street....
gosh....its really a shopping heaven which is waayy better than in the melb cbd....but due to the rush to attend 2.30 class later so i didnt have much time to walk around and experience the street...i'll b back!!

and guess what i found.....the american apparel shop!!!...its great to the understated person like me :) i bought a jacket and a t-shirt...its the best brand in aussie that i find so far coz aussie doesnt have zara and topshop ....but its ok tho coz malaysia doesnt have american apparel too! its a fair share lolx

anyway...heres the look of the t-shirt (i buy a looser size looser size t shirt pair with skinny pant or slim pant is in the season)

and the jacket look (its transparent white)...very ck.

sorry didnt manage to capture the viwe of chapel street coz was all in a rush...promise i'll snap a few shots nex time im goin....wont b stay tune lolx

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