Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Studio progression this week

just finished my studio and got back, cook dinner, had a hot shower and now here i am...not feeling to start on my portfolio just yet...so drop by here and update my studio preogression just now ;)

pretty free huh?!..u'll think that...but hell NO!...bloggin is just happened to b one of my favourite past time activities these days apart from aheemm....* lolx (dont think of somethin else...is shopping and watchin movies)

there u go...have a peep at my studio progression just now...

lol...i know this is alot...and im not gonna b mumbling here n there bout what i was doin...all im gonna say is that im pretty happy with the outcome and my progress as i always have this fear of being too slow in my progression...and after my lecturer's tiny little praise and assurance of my good progression i just felt abosolutely released to a point that i dont feel like starting my portfolio just yet lolx....(p/s: coz my lecturer seldom praised people...80% of his time was criticizing on how bad the works are...not that hes an ass, just the things that he criticized on was always soo true! ...which makes me so nervous and freak out everytime before class as if im goin for final presentation each week...imagine that +_+)

anyway..need to get my lazy ass back to work on my portfolio now....au revoir

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