Sunday, September 21, 2008

my personal yearbook

ive never known that i have my very own yearbook started wayyy... before i was born (1950?!?!)...lolx

starting from top left, 1950 and heres the description of the site about the fashion trend at 1950 'in 1950, the "classic" look was really swell'; then comes to 1952, ' boys in '52 favored the "greased" look'

p/s: the first look was kinda cool even until today

starting from top left, 1954, 'in '54, blue suede shoes cut a rug on the dance floor'; 1956, 'in '56, every guy wanted to look like James Dean'

p/s: the second look makes me look pretty damn old rather than looking like James Dean lolx..but still...look kinda professional in a way...might try this look when im like 40 nex time

starting from top left, 1958, 'the boys in '58 favored bermuda shorts'; 1960, 'skinny ties were seen on all the boys in 1960'

p/s: gosh...i look so boy-next-door in the first pic while the second one i look as if i work in the stock hilarious..btw will keep u update later with pics stretching to year stay tune ;)

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