Sunday, September 28, 2008

goin to concert

yeah so yesterday nite i was getting ready to head down to the concert coz cmay've bought me the ticket...the concert is bout singing christianity songs..yeah somethin like that....and no im not christian...just 'giving face' to my friend & doin charity coz the money collected is gona b sent to some kids funding stuff

so heres what im wearing

yeah...was thinking of trying out some 70s or 80s style lolx...anyway cameras arent allowed to b taken in the concert so i dont have pics for that sorry :(....and whats more...i totally forgot to take picture of me & my friends when we were outside the concert after it finish..sign....
after the concert we headed to stalagtite restaurant to grab food & talk crap lolx (ok forgive me for forgetting to take pictures in the restaurant again..sorry) its around 1am when i reach home...tired but a fun nite ;)

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