Thursday, August 7, 2008

wine + sanctuary tour at Yarra Valley

i should post this three weeks ago but i didnt have the pics with me at the time so i can only post them on here now...heres the time (think it was three weeks ago) when we follow the trip to Yarra Valley to taste wine (in which in the end only Carine went to few more vineyard and lj, yling and me went to nearby sanctuary..)

took few pics when we were in the bus...btw the seating in the bus is bad ...make my neck sore after sitting on it for few hours...

and the landscape along the way was breath-takingly beautiful...was dreaming if i have a farm how would it be...its a fantasy land and even the sky is green (lolx)

think after two hours bus ride we finally reach a vineyard for lunch and wine-tasting...the food was really full (coz all roast beef) which decrease my wine tasting mood (no more extra capacity to fill in)..but its company's specialize wine is very sweet and contain the most alchohol percentage...for me its kinda ok just that its too sweet

so later on...we separated frm carine coz she really wanted to go just to taste wine (what a alcoholic she is lol) we went to this santuary which has whole loads of aussie animals inside (platypus, kangaroo, emu (but unfortunately the bird didnt come out that day at all i just dont know why..maybe it was having period or somethin...emotionally unstable...haha), koala bear)...but one thing that i love about this sanctuary is that thing which should b made out of wood is the real wood ...(unlike 'some place' especially cement-made garbage bin been painted as if it looks like a wood..which i totally hate)..look at how green it is in the pic below! :)

...and we went to watch the bird show (gotta clear this up...its a REAL bird show...not those in Thailand type..u know what i mean) we got to meet this Mr Owl (picture below)

the picture below starring Mr Koala and Miss the souvenir shop...btw..thanx yling for taking all the pics during the trip

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