Friday, August 1, 2008

some lighting exploration..

it not that my previous life was a moth or some light-attracted bugs (which might b possible as i believe in reincarnation)...i just love to see how light and shadows can be working together but at the same time contrasting each other which is just like ying and yang but that was used for energy, called i will just call it light and shadow

but i considered myself quite lucky (which is unfortunate as well coz the studio is just plain confusing) to get to a totally new kinda studio this sem called palimpsest...and we need to look at those illusion and mappings used on skins of the buildings..and i think maybe i can start exploring somethin new and things that im interested im looking in the realtion between light and shadow

the first pic is looking on how things that was put before the shadow casted wall being multiplied and distorted and later on casted onto the wall, creating illusion or expressive art both intentionally or unintentionally thru filtration of natural sun light..

and the second one was looking at how artificial light is filtered thru a glass then filtered and reflected again thru thousands of mini droplets on the glass, creating irregularity of reflection

hopfully i can get somethin out of this experiment....

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