Saturday, August 9, 2008

pissed-off day

(warning: dont view this post if ure under 18 coz it contain few coarse language)

the story started off like this...yesterday afternoon, just before heading to the tired history class, i was anxious that my parcel (which includes all my previous sketches that'll earn me money if i happen to b famous hadnt reached so i went down to check my mail i thought still havent reached?!...its been posted with postlaju and it should b 'laju' i just laid al the blame on postlaju....

then this morning when i check again the mailbox...finally the postal article awaiting collection card was in my mailbox...excitedly...i waited til 12pm (coz its stated there to collect it after 12)...and went to the post my dissapointment...the post office was fuckin closing...i was so annoyed bout the laziness of the post office here coz they close at saturday and sunday (not even serving public coz of public holiday..contradiction?..yes!! fuck 'em)

anyway..just wanna apologize to the great work of postlaju...and what to do?!...again...have to wait til monday to collect my parcel...

p/s: im really not used to the laziness of this place...malaysia's office is so much better tho the stuffs in aussie are much friendlier....always have good and bad side i guess...another contradicting act lol

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