Sunday, August 17, 2008

docklands tragedy

so i decided to go docklands this morning for studio's site visit and would like someone to accompany me just kill boredom and asked twins to accompany me (p/s: thanx for twins help!)....and it was kinda gloomy today and had few light showers now and then...just not a good time to go site visit but theres no choice coz my other days are fully booked with plans, sounds like im busy and indeed yes!...this sem is a total craziness for me coz was stress til fell sick last tuesday but whatever im just gonna try my best to fight against time! :)

so we when we reached docklands, i just took some photos of the site

then, h.ying suggested th at its better to cross over the road to get to the other side to capture better view...yes it did but suddenly a bus was driving pass us and ran across the patch of stagnant water on the u know what happen next and i dont have to eleborate more on it but whats worse was that it follwed by another bus from behind, and all we got was 'double-splash' all of the sudden?!?!...what have i done to make my morning so miserable?!?!...but anyway just think positively...water means fortune...and so im gonna earn some money very soon lol!

later on we went to take a look at the buildings surrounding the quay just for a while before the o.c.d.'s twins complaint that they're too dirty and wanna head back straight to take shower (bet they use entire bottle of shampoo just to wash off the water that was splashed on them haha)

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