Friday, August 1, 2008

lost and found

just received the call frm my mum and its a....greatest news!! coz i was thinking that i lost my sketches somewhere back in my hometown or in taylor's as yesterday was asking my family to help me find the sketches which is needed for portfolio class and they said cant be found.....

its the happiest moment of this year really....have never been that happy since got here in melbourne (the environment and weather makes me gloomy all day long altho i can get to wear the fashionable winter clothin :) )

i dont know how to explain this sudden intense feeling of happiness that runs through me...coz when u were thinking that u lost somethin but in the end it was being i decide to blog it down now to capture this happiest moment this there are more to come later on!! im gonna reward myself by watchin my favourite director (wong kar wai) 'my blueberry night' revoir!

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