Thursday, July 10, 2008

hot & sticky day 3 at Singapore

Finished taking shower and waiting for others, y.chow and me decided to take some artistic picture in the hostel room and heres the result...

Today's trip is........(~drum sounds~)...Sentosa Isle!! but i didnt really feel excited about it coz its a tourist attraction, which means u cant see much of originality of Singapore and local culture in there...

Anyway, it was quite good as u get to have fun with friends...and the first thing that i do when i step on Sentosa Isle is of course cam-whoring myself in front of the rotating observation tower

Later on, we bought the tickets for go-kart and cable car and it was fun as i was the first in the go-kart race with my friends..

Then, we went to walk around the Siloso Beach (weird name) and had some artistic photoshoot sessions there lol.. (WARNING: semi-nude photos are featured in the photoshoot, make sure u're over 18)

Since i love Lacoste so much and have its bag and shoes with me, i decided to do the ad-campaign tryout on Siloso Beach and heres the result comparing to the real Lacoste ad-campaign

At night, we took the river cruise to the infamous 'sea-lion' in Singapore and i was totally enjoying it as i didnt have to walk and just sit there and appreciate the night view of the city

And thats it for my Singapore trip this time...

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