Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Coolangatta, Gold Coast..not really visiting, just passing by


To summarize all that shit, I basically took the Jetstar from Melbourne to Gold Coast and stayed there for a night before I boarded Air Aisa back to Malaysia the next morning. So, I figured that i need a place to stay over so as to keep me from falling sick the next day as i'll be rushing to Singapore later on. I chosed YHA (Youth Hostel Association) next to GC Airport...really just next to the airport and i was so closed that i could even hear the plane took off and touched down. And here's the panoramic view of the room.

It was around AUD30++ per night in a single room. It was kinda like a prison so if u happen to like Prison Break then I think u'll totally in love with this room. And my back was crazily itchy after sleeping on the bed, think it has got bedbug or somethin but overall its good as u get to socialized with loads of young people in YHA.

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